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The ultimate goal of Fit Prosthetics is to provide quality care and comfort to all those missing a limb. We have the best prosthetic fitting in Utah with our 3D scanning and 3D printing service for making artificial limbs. We can help you become confident and self-reliant again with our prosthetic care services. The purpose of our care is to improve your quality of life.

How are prosthetic limbs fitted to a person?

There are a few components for fitting a prosthetic to a person. These components are

  • The Pylon – this provides internal structural support for the artificial limb. Pylon is made up of carbon fiber to make the prosthetic lighter and easier to use.
  • Gel Interface – It’s a silicone gel which helps adjust the pressure and protect the human skin
  • The Socket – The residual limb goes in the socket along with the gel interface
  • The Suspension System – this connects the prosthetic to the body. It could be a harness system, belt, or straps, depending on the person’s usage.

Benefits of prosthetic care

You can live without a prosthetic limb, a lot of people do that, but their life is tough and challenging. Your lifestyle is improved, and you are relaxed mentally and emotionally when you have an artificial limb. There are many benefits for having a prosthetic, like

  • It improves mobility
  • Provides a full range of motion
  • Provides steady and safer standing and sitting
  • Provides easy to attach and remove
  • Provides no skin problems
  • Enables longer walks
  • Improves quality of life

With our prosthetic fitting in Utah, your life becomes less challenging and more enjoyable. Use our best prosthetic care to become more productive and happy in your life.

Best prosthetic fitting services

We have 3D scanning and 3D printing services for making prosthetics of all manufacturers and models, so this enables us to provide custom made, perfect fitting prosthetics for all our clients. You won’t wear something generic; you’ll get personalized care from us and have a limb made just for you.

We are working with different types of people ranging from pediatrics to athletes, so we understand the conditions of individuals and help them accordingly. We start with a comprehensive evaluation process, after which we decide the correct prosthetic for you. Every client is our priority, so we never rush during our procedures and provide personalized care for every patient.

Prosthesis quality care for limb loss

We can help you learn about prosthesis and the benefits of using prosthetic care, so you know how artificial limbs help improve quality of life and mobility. We will help you get your life back so you can be physically and mentally happy again. Your hobbies, vocation, strength, and family life will help us decide which type of prosthetic care is right for you.

Fit Prosthetics provides the best prosthetic fitting in Utah because our approach for every single patient is different depending on your current condition. We support you throughout the recovery process and help you start a new life with our prosthetic care.

prosthetic fitting Utah



prosthetic fitting Utah

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