Gyms In Palm Desert

Gyms In Palm Desert

What do you imagine when you think of a standard training routine? Most people have long and strenuous exercise routines with a challenging goal of sets and reps. Do you know that there is a method for you to achieve the same results of better with lesser time and strain at Palm Desert CA gyms? The dynamic slow-motion HIIT technique is what we use when gyms open in Palm Desert.

What is dynamic slow-motion HIIT?

Our gyms in Palm Desert focus on lifting weights at a snail’s pace. In most cases, you only need less than half an hour twice or thrice a week to make a difference. This training form is not new, because it fast began to make headlines in the 80s. The slower pace allows one to have more control over the structure and power until they can effectively exercise the body to build strength and improve toning.

The slow-motion exercise is just as challenging and demanding as other types. The slow speed involves a lifting or pushing phase of about ten seconds and a release of ten seconds. You can assure better form, effectiveness, and safety when you can slowly control your moves.

Benefits of the slow-motion HIIT


It is doubtful that you will hurt yourself when you use the slow training method. The standard exercise involves several jerky motions that leave your joints vulnerable to harm or repetitive injuries. It is ideal to use the slower practices because they are virtually safe for any age and fitness level in a gym in Palm Desert, CA.

More muscle

HIIT in slow motion trains the muscle to endure more weight. Unlike the standard routine, it is possible to engage all muscle parts to achieve results faster. These exercises aim to push the body to the level of extreme exhaustion until the process signals the body to begin fast repair and muscle growth quickly. Slow-motion muscle motion workouts are more likely to make you stronger and fit than the usual workout routine.

Bone density

Slow HIIT targets the skeletal muscle group to induce more energy. Targeting these muscles makes it easy to burn more calories. The extra heat improves blood flow and enhances the process of gaining muscle mass fast. A higher bone density adds stress to the bones and makes them less likely to break or fracture.


The original method of gaining muscle is the number one cause of intense illnesses like osteoporosis. The fast and jerky motions are not convenient when adding power at an advanced body age. People of all ages quickly become more potent when they can perform the exercise while carefully watching their limits and form.

The Strength Code gyms in Desert Palm use scientific methods to ensure safety and a healthy metabolism. Our trainers use slow processes because they have proven results on previous and active members. We have a custom plan to meet your personal goals while ensuring you stay healthy to attend all gym sessions with enthusiasm. Reach out to the best fitness studios in Palm Desert (760-835-1145) to discover a custom training program suitable for your mind and body.


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