SPX Certified – Pilates Plus Trainers

Because Pilates Plus Chandler is the first to bring Megaformer: Black Edition to the valley, the certification process is a very important aspect of the training process. The certification course for Pilates Plus Chandler trainers concentrates on the exercise science that defines The SPX Fitness System training method. Included in the course are the basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises, along with modifications to accomodate different body types and fitness levels. Lectures and labs provide critical information about stabilization, breathing, alignment, proper muscle recruitment, considerations for spring-loading and handlebar adjustments. Trainers learn the goal of each exercise, verbal and tactile cues, common postural adjustments, and safety practices.
The course focuses on exercise science and instructional skills that are vital for effectiveness and safe practices. It encourages continual practice and additional training to provide the best trainers possible for our clients at Pilates Plus Chandler.
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