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One of the best ways to achieve better physical, mental and emotional health is exercise. Within the current training, fitness has become a great ally of many people who have achieved wellbeing and improvement through this practice. If you want to practice fitness in Abbotsford, it is essential that you know what it is, and what are the benefits it will bring to your health.

What Exactly is Fitness?

Within this word are hidden two closely related definitions. On the one hand, fitness is a state of physical health and well-being of a human being, which is achieved by combining a healthy life, constant exercise and proper nutrition.

On the other hand, fitness is defined as a set of exercises that are repeated during a period, and that allow the individual to achieve an excellent physical condition. The objective of this sports practice is focused on the progressive improvement of muscle tone.

Together, the development of these exercises and a lifestyle that cares for the body (and with ideal nutrition) will allow the individual to achieve the state of well-being described in the first definition.

8 Benefits of Fitness

  1. Improves aerobic endurance: The series of exercises are performed several times a week. With this technique, the development of the cardiorespiratory system is increased. This increases aerobic endurance.
  2. Strengthens the physical condition: Both internal and external. This also implies an increase in self-esteem.
  3. Improved cardiovascular system: People can prevent issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and those related to cardiovascular disease.
  4. Avoid stress: The practice of this type of high-impact sports activities helps the athlete to be relaxed and has less risk of suffering anxiety or depression.
  5. Weight control: The combination of continuous exercise over time, and proper eating habits, allows the individual to lose weight. You will lose fat mass, and fitness will encourage you to develop your muscle mass.
  6. Improves skin: Continuous exercise intensifies blood circulation. This produces regeneration of the body’s cells, including the skin.
  7. Greater flexibility and balance: These are strengthened with joint mobility exercises. As the individual practices fitness, they get more balanced movements.
  8. Prevents osteoporosis: This exercise stimulates the cells of the bone structure. This benefits the tone of the bones and thus reduces the chances of suffering from osteoporosis.

Which is the Best Way to Practice Fitness?

Enthusiasts often embark on the adventure on their own and start exercising immediately. However, it is recommended that the person receive the assistance of a qualified personal trainer, such as those we have at True Health Fitness. These are the main benefits of practicing fitness with adequate professional support:

  • Greater Effectiveness
  • The training is focused on your personal goals
  • Proper use of techniques
  • Improved execution of exercises
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Achieving long-lasting results
  • Increased motivation

Your Fit life Starts Today!

If you want to do fitness in Abbotsford, True Health Fitness is the best place to do it. We have an exceptional team of coaches, led by our founder and owner Tanya Stobbe. Not only does she have more than 20 years of fitness experience, but 25 years of nutrition experience to provide you with a complete and entirely customized solution. The healthy life of your dreams begins today, contact us.

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